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New on the website: Soul Focusing

Soul Focusing

LEARNING TO LIVE from our deepest self.


Immerse yourself in your own self, your psyche, your personality, your soul and spirit and take a deep dive healing and experiential learning, a direct experience of the whole of your conscious, unconscious and subconscious.

To live from our true nature is to live from our soul—an embodied energy of power and creativity, of wholeness and joy that emerges when we make a compassionate connection with our own deep body wisdom. To do this, we need to develop a full awareness of and an ability to come into a radically new relationship with our whole inner world, with presence and the body as our keys. Gina’s unique path works towards:

Liberating ourselves from past conditioning and belief systems

Recovering our power, creativity and the meaning of our lives

Transforming the way we live our lives from scarcity to fullness consciousness

Fully integrating the paradigm shift from the great unraveling to the great turning.

 Delving into the whole of being human, and re-establishing the relationship with our parts, our bodies, our soulsthrough Focusing.

Embodying our inner presence (loving kindness and presence) by living from our true nature

meet all of the different parts of you with loving kindness, curiosity and gratitude;


reconnect with the sense of aliveness in you that allows for the emergence of your deepest truest self; and,

transform your relationships with others from the inside out.



Working in partnerships, small groups and supportive circles, our intent will be to draw from the grounding presence of each other, nature, movement and song as we share, learn and explore our unique inner lives, together.

What we will explore

Our personalities are based on a certain set of beliefs about ourselves and the world. Identifying with these beliefs determines our behaviors, perceptions, and choices. This often shows up as a kind of ‘stuckness’, being overwhelmed, or feeling at cross purposes with ourselves. At its most profound level, the way we move through the world and relate with others doesn’t match a deeper sense of who we really are.

When these beliefs direct our lives, we look outside of ourselves for validation and overvalue the opinions of others instead of sensing in to our own inner knowing. We believe that parts of ourselves are problems to solve, places to heal or make go away entirely. We approach ourselves and others with judgment, criticism, shame and blame. We feel disconnected from our own bodies and from others; cut off from our intuition, the energy of aliveness and forward movement in our lives and the lives of others. We can’t see our wholeness or the wholeness of others when our perspective is so restricted. Joy can feel hard to come by.

With this work:, we learn and integrate that we are, at our truest nature, simultaneously all and more than all of our parts. We will have a direct experience of what we are made of and how we ourselves are gifts that we are offering to the world every day.

We will do this by learning how to experience the tender, vulnerable, stuck and traumatized places in us as they are in this moment—not as problems to be solved, but as sacred places to be met, experienced and expressed; places to be held with deep compassion, curiosity and lightness. We will also learn how to connect with and experience the qualities of our souls—passion, joy, gentleness, love and resilience.

When we meet ourselves this way, we are able to know through direct experience that we are actually whole; that the only reason parts of ourselves exist at all is to serve and protect that wholeness, each part in their own way. When we have an actual embodied experience that all of our parts—with their big emotions, strategies and behaviors—are really there to keep us alive and functioning in this world, our relationship to them utterly transforms into one of a profound gratitude.

When we transform how we are able to meet ourselves, we simultaneously begin to transform how we meet others. We can learn to hold others in the same way that we are holding ourselves—to see their wholeness through the window of whatever is expressing in the moment. Triggers become an opportunity for deeper inner awareness and connection with ourselves and, in turn, others. Empathy is made possible and we are able to begin taking full responsibility for our lived experiences. We begin to master the art of expressing our authenticity in all spheres of our lives; to live from our souls.

Gina and friends Focusing in the Arizona desert.