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About us

We at Embodying Empathy share the values and practices of nonviolence, inner wisdom, social action and empathic presence. We serve through offering resources that promote deep personal and social transformation.


Gina Cenciose

Gina Cenciose, the founder of Embodying Empathy, is an experienced Non-Violent Communication educator and Focusing teacher.  She also works as a healing facilitator.

Gina is a lively and passionate teacher working full time with groups, individuals and organizations in english and in french to fully integrate the change of consciousness we need in order to create new systems in which more human needs can be attended to. She currently co leads 5 different year long NVC and Focusing Integration programs in Canada.

Gina also implements living systems that include Nonviolent Communication,  conflict circles, and participatory leadership models at every opportunity.  She has implemented NVC leadership programs at different places such as a hospital, and in the framework of a social change program with young mothers and their children in a year long government funded program, in large organisations, in non profits and within families.

She works closely with the International Center for Nonviolent Communication , as a certifying coordinator and has been offering 1 year to 3 year long programs for new NVC trainers.

Restorative practices and Restorative Justice have been a major focus in her life.  All of Gina’s work draws from the depths of her experience and passion with life; from her intensive training in Shamanism, Insight Meditation, Buddhism, Non-dual Awareness, Permaculture, singing, music and much more. She brings a real depth of awareness and consciousness as well as the joy of nature and of music to her life and gatherings.

Offering mostly advanced trainings in Nonviolent Communication, Conflict Resolution and Deep transformation of consciousness work, Gina’s unique path works towards:

- Liberating ourselves from past conditioning and belief systems

- Recovering our power, creativity and the meaning of our lives.

- Transforming the way we live our lives from scarcity to fullness consciousness.

- Fully integrating NVC consciousness into our bodies through Inner Relationship and Whole body Focusing.

- Embodying our ideal of loving kindness and presence by living from our True Nature.