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gina cenciose

- Discover your true gifts, passions and vision. 

- Develop new skills and behaviours that are aligned with this vision.
- Create a way of living and leading that moves you toward your dreams for yourself and the world.
- Design and implement a self-inspired project, giving you the opportunity to practice new leadership skills while making a difference in your community
- Explore your patterns of belief, behaviour and thought and determine which ones serve you and which can be released and ‘composted’.
- Receive structured coaching, inspiration and support from your peers between workshops
- Adopt practices that help you embody your TRUE NATURE and your ideals, moment by moment.
- Nurture a regional leadership circle that will continue to serve and support you on your leadership journey after the formal component of the program ends.

Are you ready to build a more meaningful relationship with the earth, your community and yourself?

The Returning to True Nature Program is an advanced 12-month to 24-month program (the 2nd year is optional and highly encouraged!) based in NVC consciousness and skills that focuses on shared leadership, deep transformation of habitual ways of showing up in the world and in having moment to moment access to our inner True Nature and to the fullness of the Natural world.

Through this program you will experience what is naturally yours – an intimate relationship with the natural world, your bodies wisdom, your psyche, and with the many aspects of being human. We will take a deep dive into RELATIONSHIPS in all of its forms. You will learn to source your leadership from this connection and stay attuned to the patterns in your own life, creating a new level of effectiveness and awareness in your leadership, your relationships and your life. We are coming together to co create how we want to live in the world, on the Earth and with each other.

This learning community is an invitation to remember our natural inheritance as an intricate part of the larger unfolding web of life. The opportunity is to begin to shift our center of gravity: out of what is conditioned and separate into what is ever becoming and connected to all life. Through intimate and conscious encounters – with each other, our own depth of body wisdom, the known and unknown aspects of ourselves and with the larger earth community that awaits – we will learn to listen and respond to the way life continually evokes us forward. By re-remembering our place within the unfolding fabric, we support our ability to live in a more conscious and mutually enhancing way with all life.

Realizing and having direct experiences with our own INNER TRUE NATURE through commitment to practicing the INNER RELATIONSHIP, we will come to know in our bodies heart and minds that we are not separate from nature but are beings in process, evolving side by side with the rhythms and cycles of the rest of life. Weaving group process, inner transformation practices and nature immersion, each experience will inform and guide the next step, supporting us in staying attuned to the unique movement that seeks to express through each of us.

The opportunity of this yearlong (to 2 year) program is to support the sustained and embodied shift necessary to meet the next step into movement forward, as individuals and as living systems. We will come together in 3 5-day sessions each year. Between our gatherings, you will be invited to ground and deepen all that is unfolding by creating and working with core routines and practices, through regular check-ins with a transformation buddy and group tele-classes.   Additional Individual Guidance sessions will be available on the different themes or practices of our program for those who wish to sign up separately.

Mentoring and Collaboration

During the second year of your journey, we invite you to choose a specific area of focus within the options available. Within this framework we invite you to help co create the teachings of the 2nd year around that specific area of concentration, to mentor new participants in their learning journeys, and to take on more leadership roles. During the second year we also encourage you to start your own groups back home, building communities of PRACTICE in learning new ways of being together. This could be a social change project, an empathy group, a place to practice facilitation of circle styles, a practice group for Restorative Circles, Nonviolent Communication, Inner Relationship Focusing, a support group for people, a café for conversations, the sky is the limit! That is why we encourage you, wherever it is possible to come with someone from your area.

For the first and second years, we will have a Buddy System with peers who will coach and mentor each other to build a deep container of inspiration, creativity and collaboration- supporting.